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Ferrari Instrument Cluster/CAN module repairs

Cavallino Servizio

12 Dec 2023

Cavallino Servizio launches its Ferrari Instrument cluster/CAN control repair service this week.

The first technical element to be learnt as a Ferrari Owner is to maintain your battery. Unfortunately many have learnt the hard way. Whereas a poor condition battery may create any number of electronic issues... Jump starting a modern Ferrari is often destructive to the on board electronics.

Unfortunately the thermonuclear repercussions caused by jump starting are often a. extremely difficult to access, or b. extremely expensive to replace, or c. no longer available.

Cavallino Servizio has for 18 months been utilising the services ao numerous electronic repair facilities and in the last 6 months developed, tested and tested to destruction numerous replacement circuit boards and processing units with a 100% success rate.

Cavallino Servizio has today launched our Instrument cluster/CAN module repair service to customers. The service requires full vehicle presence for diagnostic and testing purposes.

Full details are available at

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