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Cavallino Servizio

3 July 2024

inCARnation's Mark & Stu drive and review the latest Scuderia Cavalli Gated 6 Speed Manual conversion

inCARnation's Mark and Stu embark on an exhilarating journey where they explore the dynamic capabilities of two remarkable Ferrari 575M models. The first, a pristine 575M, showcases Ferrari's cutting-edge F1 system, delivering a seamless and responsive driving experience. On the other hand, the Cavallino Importazioni Ferrari 575M, equipped with the Scuderia Cavalli Gated 6 Speed Manual conversion, offers a more traditional yet engaging driving feel with its manual transmission. As Mark and Stu take the wheel of these iconic vehicles, they delve into the intricate details of each model, comparing the performance, handling, and overall driving sensations. Through their expert analysis and firsthand experiences, viewers are treated to a comprehensive review that highlights the unique characteristics and driving dynamics of these two exceptional Ferrari 575M variants.

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