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Cavallino Servizio

8 Apr 2024

"When you master a craft... prepare the gardener, for there will always be a well worn path to your door" B. Franklin

To achieve the level of perfection required by Ferrari, Maserati & Porsche owners, the attention to detail is paramount. The entire Cavallino Servizio Sticky Button procedure is photographed and documented, beginning to end. Every component of the interior surface is carefully inspected prior to disassembly and processing. All at a fraction of replacement cost.

Cavallino Servizio is proud to announce becoming a "Preferred Service Provider" for several Sydney based OEM networks and as such, along with significant investments in equipment and special service tools, we have expanded the procedure area and technician training programs to accommodate the increase.

Please check the images in our "Sticky Buttons" gallery, click on "Contact Us" and reach out. All the best people do.

Perfection... There is no other option.

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