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Cavallino Corsa Driver Training starts for 2023

Cavallino Corsa

16 Nov 2023

In preparation for participation in the 2024 karting season, Cavallino Corsa has today begun training of 3 rookies.

Nelson and Elliot Bowen and Jennifer Kim have today begun training in preparation for the 2024 Karting season within NSW. The Rookies will be intensively trained in all aspects of safety, maintenance, racecraft and trackside etiquette.

Cavallino Corsa have proudly partnered with NSW Kart School instructor Christian Jory for initial sessions and Tony Kart Australia for equipment.

All 3 Rookies will spend a season in karts before potentially moving up to their preferred category of Tier 2 training. Cavallino Corsa are currently investing heavily in a multiple of vehicles to suit the individual requirements of these and future Rookies. Be it gravel or Tarmac racing their training will continue as the individual skillsets and capabilities develop.

For more information on Cavallino Corsa Driver Training see

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