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Cavallino Servizio

19 Jan 2024

Cavallino Servizio has this week agreed to a Technical Partnership with world reknown electronic programming specialists at 360Trev.

The search had been on by Cavallino engineers for an electronics specialist capable of custom programming for Ferrari Electronic Control Modules to suit the Scuderia Cavalli Gated Shifter installations.

What we found was one repeating name. 360Trev and to be honest we were impressed. Not only with their technical capabilities but also the level of adaptability to suit individual requirements. Cavallino has recognised for some time that "one size does not fit all"

After multiple conference calls, video calls and a significant number of emails it was established that both 360Trev and the Cavallino group of companies had aligning philosophies and business directions.

Cavallino Servizio is now a proud Technical Partner of 360Trev and offers every upgrade and custom tune available from the Team at 360Trev. All completed in house at Cavallino's facility in Brookvale, Sydney.

Ferrari 360

Ferarri 430

Ferrari 458

Ferrari 575

Ferrari 599

The list goes on.

Please note that all 360Trev programs are rigorously tested and proven. These are full firmware installations, with multilayered reprogramming of parameters like throttle control, valve control, torque control, etc.

Full details are available on

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